Rest in Peace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This planet lost a legend and it's easy to lose hope. The day after she passed... I wrote this:

Just trying to have a day...
a day to process.
Feeling pretty numb and worried
and unhinged.
My mind can so easily wander
to the worst.
I've cultivated this jewelry path as my sanctuary.
A literal metal hinge to the present moment,
to strength, to community and unity.
A place I can go where I can feel strong,
where I can feel connected to an ancient process...
to process.
I create tiny armor to shield myself, to shield others,
to imagine us strong and mighty and united.
I think I tap into an ancient spirit that is rhythmically
drumming, pulsing, hammering away.
I find through it, the greatest of women,
the greatest of friends who also feel this pulse.
Today I'm thinking of all of you.
Today I've had 2 women write me to say they thought I should make a design to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg
I'm considering it...
What organization do you think the
proceeds should go to?
This also is what I do.
What I can do...
I can make tiny armor to raise money for the cause.
Hang in there ladies,
hang in there world.

I immediately created this design based on Ruth's famous Dissent Collar and had a stamp made. As soon as it arrived I sat down to make this out in Precious Metal Clay.

These are currently available in my shop in Sterling or brass. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU foundation in Ruth's honor. $8800 has already been donated, thanks to all who've ordered so far!

Available in my shop as -
- Sterling Necklace
- Brass Necklace
- Sterling Earrings
- Brass Earrings

You can see some process videos here: