Copper Disc Earrings


Over the years, my "Hammered Disc" style earrings have become one of my most popular and recognizable JK styles. They are often the "first-pair" of earrings that people get for themselves or to gift another to start their collections.

Each piece is hammered by hand and wrapped with sterling silver wires with sterling earwires. Regardless of which size you choose, they are all amazingly lightweight and perfect as your "every day" earrings!

Available in 4 sizes:

Tiny - 3/4" diameter, these hang 1 1/2" from earwire to bottom of disc

Small - 1" diameter, these hang 1 3/4" from earwire to bottom of disc

Medium - 1 1/2" diameter, these hang 2 1/4" from earwire to bottom of disc

Large - 13/4" diameter, these hang 2 1/2" from earwire to bottom of disc

We love using a torch to create a range of patinas on copper from orange to red to a deep burgundy. Much like raku in pottery, we are never sure exactly what we will get when it comes to the colors and patterns made on the metal with the torch, making each piece unique! After hammering, we wax the copper to try to keep the color but the wax can wear away. Over time the color may darken, we don't recommend polishing or doing anything to change or remove the patina that we went to great lengths to create! We often say, the color brings out the color of the lips and we find these are most popular in the fall and around Valentine's Day. 

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