Tiny Gold Sun-bow Earrings


In addition to the two differently-sized "Sunbursts" I sculpted for this collection, I've also carved two different, TINY hybrids, merging both a TINY sunburst and a TINY rainbow together, creating... SUN-BOWS!  

These small Rainbow earrings are made with GOLD VERMEIL! GOLD VERMEIL is a premier version of a thick electro-plating of 23.5 karat Gold over a solid Sterling Silver base- it's the right solution for us to provide everyone who wants their 永 pieces in GOLD that are durable, beautiful, and affordable! Still, we recommend that you wear these pieces gently and thoughtfully. The Vermeil is a surface finish after all, and although these pieces are quite stable, wearing these items regularly in the shower, for example, or while swimming (where various chemicals or elements could be abrasive to the finish over time) or being too rough with them, like tossing them onto a nightstand, could definitely damage their beauty! 

This version features the TINY Sun-bow "tight" design, which has a pronounced ridge at the outer edges that contains the rainbows and rays, making the elements in this design more compact and tighter than the "loose-bow" version, which has a rainbow pattern in the center and sun rays emanating all the way to the edges.)

These TINY gold Sun-bow medallions measure 1/2" wide x 3/8" tall and have a total length, including the earwires, of 15/16". 

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