"LARIAT" STYLE Necklaces: Adjustable Sterling Silver CHAIN With Your CHOICE OF STONE/CRYSTAL!


My "Lariat" style necklaces are made with two oxidized Sterling Silver chains that are connected together with a traditional clasp in the back for either a 16" or 18" base length: one chain has a solid Silver ring at its end creating the loop or "lariat" that allows the other chain's end to pass through, and it's from this chain that your choice of stone or crystal is attached, creating an elegant, adjustable necklace that you may be tempted to play with the whole time you're wearing it!  Use the dropdown menu to identify and select your favorite stone.

We create these necklaces to be clasped at 16" or 18" long, with an extra 1 1/2" more of the chain dropped through the lariat to suspend the stone or crystal, creating a 19" max length that can be drawn up tighter if you prefer. Know that we can create a longer version by request for a few dollars more to cover the additional chain cost. 

* Note that the stone or crystal you receive may differ slightly from the ones pictured here, but as we buy them in small batches they tend to be very close to one another. We do our best to keep them consistent, but as a natural material, each is powerful and unique! 

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