Celestial Body My Body My Choice Earrings


While the Venus/Female Symbol Pendant I made for preorder has had a wonderful response, I wanted to also make a gender neutral version for anyone who didn't identify with that symbol. To do this I took a step back and thought of more of a celestial body, a body made up of moons. Since moons are my favorite thing to wear and make, it also feels like a perfect addition to my collection. Still the message is loud and clear, MY BODY MY CHOICE. To hold these moons together on the back, I used my signature "patch" style. I like this because it connects the head, the heart and the belly with rivet-like disks. I also like the interplay between the industrial patch and the natural moons. I love and I'm super proud of both designs and can't wait to wear both! 

We have these in Sterling or Brass, as earrings and pendants, to raise money for Planned Parenthood as well as other agencies as things unfold. A portion of every sale will be donated. 

1 1/4" long on Sterling earwires 

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