ORIJEN'S: SILVER FERN Fossil Leaf with 3 Dots Medallion on "DRAGON SKIN" TURQUOISE Necklace

From my "ORIJEN'S" collection (a 2022 line consisting of some of my original designs and textures, inspired from waaaaay back that I have resurrected and simplified to make some sweet new pendants and earrings):

FERN LEAF, 3 DOTS: This ovaloid, Sterling Silver rendition of a Fern leaf with 3 raised dots measures 1 1/4" tall x 3/4" and is about as thick as a dime. It is suspended on a 16" strand of tiny, faceted "DRAGON SKIN" Turquoise stones (slightly larger and with more mottled colors than our standard Turquoise strands!) 

I get requests from time to time to offer more plant-based designs for our gardeners and nature lovers, and this fern certainly hits the mark! It's lightweight and eye-catching!

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