Over the years I've received a lot of requests to make cuff bracelets to go with my rings, earrings, necklaces and chain bracelets/anklets, and there have been a few iterations along the way that I've offered in very limited batches...

Now I'm so happy to provide a brand NEW solid cuff bracelet that I recently sculpted and cast. I kept the design simple, creating a solid cuff with my signature hammer pattern, it has a shallow, concave profile that is smooth-edged and feels great. It is flexible enough that you can gently open it wider and squeeze it tighter as needed- it should fit comfortably on wrists that are 6-6 1/4" (standard bracelet sizes are 7" and this is more like 6.5"). This will go so well with all your other hammered 永 pieces! 

The width of this cuff is 5/8" all the way to its rounded ends, and is approximately 2 1/4" wide in diameter, in a more oval than round form.

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