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I spent the New Moon (last Thursday) - yesterday at the most amazing about that below. I'm still processing all of it. Look at this tub! The bath of all baths! You can see a little reel I made HERE.
This is just some of what I wore... My New Moon Necklace. My Eclipse Necklace - this one has a solid 14k Gold sun. My Throat Chakra wrap to remind me to open my throat chakra and not be nervous to speak. My Shield and Moon Rings - always... And my brand new Tassel Earrings.
We've just released the rest of our Summer Stone - Turquoise and Moonstone Collection! Grab 'em while you can!
I'm loving this Turquoise Rainbow Pair!
And this Dreamy Half Moon pair with Turquoise and Moonstone. 
So many new, smaller pairs too, very lightweight and easy breezy.
On the last full moon I saw that Krissy Leonard was putting on a luxury retreat in Stowe for “the Aligned Female Entrepreneur”. MY EYES LIT UP! A gorgeous space - Sterling Forrest Lodge, yoga, vegan meals, hydrotherapy + workin' on my biz - with a small group of dynamic women - local and from afar. I was like SIGN ME UPPPP!!! Plus it was starting on the NEW MOON! The timing of it all aligned perfectly for me. I really needed a break, to RETREAT and to TREAT myself. Krissy has been a customer of mine forever and is often rockin' my large Crescents!
Krissy combined just what I was looking for... a liminal space (love those liminal spaces!) with deep nourishment plus deep dives on business strategy, rediscovering your brand essence and upleveling your offers and systems. It was so wonderful to think about and work on my business from this restful space. Krissy beautifully combines business with staying true to yourself, your values and your soul's purpose! It was such a lovely group of women, so many new friends!
The owners of Sterling Forrest Lodge, Heather and Blake, have created the most gorgeous space. Such an earthy, boho, rustic vibe and the attention to detail is off the charts. I just marveled at every little nook and cranny. I felt so safe, at home and inspired. A few years ago Heather won one of my Full Moon Giveaways. Last year at the Michael Franti show she told me how special they were to her and about this place and the room with the tub and here she reminded me of how I mentioned I'd love to stay in that room sometime...well it's crazy and cool how things manifest and align.
We enjoyed lovingly prepared vegan meals, 2 fabulous yoga classes, their sauna, wood fired hot tub and cold plunge, beautiful mountain views and so much more... I'm going to have to do another whole blog post about how amazing this place was so stay tuned for that! 

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I love reliving this weekend through your posts! Such an honor to hold space for you and excited to see what is to come! Forever your fan girl, xo Krissy

Krissy June 14, 2024

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