Wishlist Contest + New Moon

Mother's Day is Sunday! We've got ya covered!
I've pulled together an array of best sellers and great gift options. You can't go wrong with a pair of our popular Selene Earrings, these come in 3 sizes. We have beautiful wood trays with silver moon inlay to make any gift extra special!
I highly recommend this hugely popular pair from the past couple of years - our Orijen Keyhole Earrings, in brass or Sterling Silver. I love these, my mom loves these, they're a great shape, size and style for any mom!
We just made some lovely Emerald Necklaces, in brass or Sterling Silver to compliment our Emerald Earrings.

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Looking for some easy to wear hoops? The Torque earrings from last year and the Divine Earrings from the year before have been hard to keep in stock, they both come in brass or Sterling Silver. 

Do you know about our Wishlist feature? When you go to my Website and click on a piece, you can choose to "Add to Wishlist". Then you can share that Wishlist with your family or friends via email or social media. We're running a contest through Mother's Day, if you share your Wishlist you will be entered into our Wishlist Contest. One lucky winner will receive a $100 永 Jewelry Gift Card. (The great part is, if you don't win the contest, you're still letting your people know exactly what you want for Mother's Day!)

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We have some super sweet and petite Gold Vermeil Earrings (these are 23.5K gold over Sterling Silver).

So excited to host Christel of Meadow Lane Macrame for our next workshop, it's coming right up on May 22nd, sign up below!

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The New Moon is tomorrow! From Chani Nicholas: "The New Moon in Taurus gives us the green light to plant the seedlings we’ve been saving for a rainy day. If you’re having trouble deciding which project to launch first, allow your body’s wisdom to make the executive decision. Trust what makes your cells tingle. The Moon is exalted in this sign, so this lunation offers plenty of opportunities for tangible acts of self-care, attentive nurturing, and methodical growth. Just make sure that what you sow is done with the greatest of intention — you might just be surprised by how rapidly dreams take root..."

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