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Here's a round-up of all of our most personalized pieces! We have Custom Constellation Pendants, Zodiac Pendants, Chakra Jewelry and Birthstone Jewelry as well as some curated add-on "Moon-Themed" gifts! All of these Jewelry pieces come with our colorful mini-picture-cards that describe the respective item or the stone, which adds a little more meaning to each gift. All are available in a broad range of pricing, so you can check EVERYONE off of your Holiday List and still make it all super thoughtful and special. 

Our Constellation Pendants began with a single, circular, stamped "Taurus" version (shown above) that I created just for myself. Since then, I've cast these simple "blanks" in both Sterling Silver and Brass that allow us to hand-hammer all of the characteristic stars that are found in each of the 12 Constellations! You can use the pull down menu to select your preferred sign. We custom make these to order, so if you'd like one, order as soon as you can HERE.

We have simple Zodiac Sign earrings in Sterling Silver or Brass. We could even mix up a pair for you if you wanted two different signs to represent friends or family members! See them HERE.

We have Zodiac Pendants that match our earrings in Brass, Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil. See them HERE.

My Chakra Wraps make GREAT Stocking Stuffers or just lil' "extra" gifts! These are worn as bracelets or anklets, with their colorful fabrics wrapping around a few times so the Sterling Silver medallion can be displayed. We sell them individually as well as in sets of "Your-Choice-of-3-Chakras" or the "FULL 7-Chakra Set" which are both priced to save you money! Read about them to discover a truly meaningful gift, one that's based on a physical area that someone you care about is trying to balance, and see them HERE.

Plus, we offer Chakra Necklaces with their corresponding colors/stones as the next level up, if you feel like getting a lil' fancy. See them HERE.

... and we even have them in GOLD VERMEIL if you want to get REALLY fancy. See them HERE.

We just restocked our Tiny Hoops! These are available in Brass or Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil and contain various Gemtones and Birthstones, all of which you can see and select via their respective pull-down menus.
See them HERE.

While our current Birthstone Selection is HERE. You can find ALL of the info on our Birthstone Collections HERE.

We've just added a new batch of Contoured Stone Hoops to the site, you can see them HERE.

I'm obsessed with "All Things Moon" so we have a few of each of these treats available! I was able to meet Yasmin Boland this past summer and I highly recommend her Oracle Cards and Moon Diary! I use both of her decks and I've been using her Diaries for years, and I'm so excited to be able to offer a few of these to you now along with so many of these fun Moon Kits and Crystal Sets! See them all HERE.


I've also brought in a bunch of beautiful, wooden Moon Boxes to make any Jewelry gift extra special! See them HERE.

I enjoyed creating some custom box sets to make it really easy for you to shop and WOW your recipients! Each of these custom-adorned, hinged and latched 永 boxes contains a different pair of earrings with its matching necklace, creating a lovely theme and taking the guesswork out of deciding what to choose from out of so many options!


Stocking Stuffers

 We just finished a new batch of Shadow Threaders! These are designed to be pulled through a pierced earhole to be worn at whatever length you prefer! Shown above are some of our 14k gold-filled options, and we also offer many of these in Sterling Silver! These make great lil' gifts! Click their link to read more about them and how to wear them.

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