Calling in the Goddesses

I've been feeling inspired to add to my Goddess Collection. We can look to these Ancient Greek Goddesses for strength, resilience, power, their love of and communion with nature and animals. 

I initially created 6 Goddess pieces in 2018 for Stella Mae (now Harbour Thread!) but we've been making them ever since and even made more sizes for each style. I've been thinking about how to bring new life to some of those and with the beauty of fall upon us the muses spoke to remake some of those very popular designs in new fall hues. So now we're working with watermelon tourmaline, andesine and multi-red spinel. These luminous faceted rondelles come in a range of shaded colors in red, rose and brown and ombre violet grey and mauve.

Also, just for fall, we're doing a limited run of Selene earrings in Copper. 

I started out with six Goddesses in 2018: Athena, Artemis, Hestia, Selene, Aphrodite and Asteria. I've decided to add six more which I'll debut throughout the week. 

I looked to Hera, Goddess of marriage, women and family. One of her symbols is the peacock so I sourced some but in maroon hues and found some gorgeous ones that we paired with brass hoops and moons. 

More to come... I'd love to hear what you think so far! These will all be released this Friday 9/23 at 10am, or if you're signed up for my email list you'll get first dibs on the Equinox on Thursday 9/22 at 1pm.

Thank you to my beautiful and dear friend Fiona for modeling these pieces! 

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