Sterling Silver Fern Medallion Necklace with Spinel Crystals


A beautiful necklace featuring our Sterling Silver Carved Fern with 3 dots suspended below a 3" wide strand of Spinel crystals!

Multi-Red Spinel faceted gemstone Rondelles: A lovely ombre of light-to-dark shades of red, violet, grey & mauve with wonderful sparkles! Like most fiery red stones, Spinel is believed to encourage great passion, devotion and longevity. Spinel is associated with the root Chakra, making it effective in increasing physical energy and stamina.

This Sterling Silver medallion is suspended on a 16"/18" adjustable Sterling Silver chain, with a 3" row of glistening Spinels
This Silver Fern Pendant is 1 1/4" tall x 3/4" wide.

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