Small SILVER Hoops with Roman Glass Earrings


These beautiful fragments are from ancient broken vessels that are 900-2700 years old!

The rainbow patinas, worn spots and textured accumulations are due to their age. For years now, I've had a few strands of these varied pieces that I have been using to make single Roman Glass pendant necklaces, and NOW, with a new source for these gorgeous, one of a kind pieces, I'm able to create some really beautiful earrings in a few different sizes and metals!

It would simply be too much to list and then identify each pair of these individually as OOAK's, so please look at the examples in the pictures and know that yours will look very similar (if not exactly the same) as to what you see here- each piece has its own character but we do our best to match them for size, color, and character! There will be slight variations in their opacity (some are more translucent than others) and while they are predominately a sea-foam green in color, they do range in different lighting conditions from deep-green to light green to even teal and blue!

  • Listings for the Small sizes have a hoop diameter of 1"
  • Listings for the Medium sizes have a hoop diameter of 1 3/8"

*These sale items are final and are not eligible for returns or exchanges. 

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