My Body My Choice Earrings Venus/Female


Shocked. Outraged. Angry. Always leaning into “what can I do”? What can I do to contribute to the cause? Well this is what I do.

I feel like I should have had something ready but was in denial that this would actually happen. For the moment, this is what I’m working on. We will have these in Sterling or Brass to raise money for Planned Parenthood as well as other agencies as things unfold. I’m relieved to live in Vermont and once again so disappointed in our country. How can this be 2022? How can we still be fighting for basic rights? How can this be the thing happening after 2 years of pandemic life? We should be so much further along as a society, as humanity. 🖤

A portion of every sale will be donated. These are available in Sterling Silver as well and as pendants in brass or Sterling silver.  

Brass on Sterling Earwires

1 3/8" long (not including earwire) 3/4" wide at the top 

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