I recently sourced some beautiful crystals and stones so that we could make some more unique Taliswoman necklaces!

This listing is for a lovely BANDED AGATE, measuring 1 5/16" tall and suspended from a brass bail with a 20" Sterling Silver chain.


Banded Agate (also known as Botswana agate) is a stunning stone with a myriad of powerful properties. The most royal of all the agates, this gem is famous for its distinctive bands and subtle, earthy shades and is the highest vibrational agate we know of, offering intense energy that resonates directly with one's third eye and crown chakra.

It is believed that wearing Banded agate around the neck, so that it is in a constant contact with your chest, strengthens the cardiac muscles thereby preventing acceptance of love, and healing emotional resentment.

Banded Agate helps in treating the fundamental causes of various ailments. It aids a person suffering from depression, stress, and melancholy. It is believed that this stone is highly effective in skin cures, releasing the body toxins, stimulating immunity and nervous system, aiding assimilation of oxygen in the brain, and keeping up the health of the circulatory system. It is also beneficial in providing remedial cures to blood vessels and heart.

    One will begin to feel more in touch with their higher self simply from wearing this stone on them. The channel between ones third eye and crown chakra becomes strengthened when meditating with this stone, allowing one to process, transfer, and understand energy easier. Banded Agate is the key to opening your mind up to an abundance of knowledge just waiting to be grounded and used towards one's life path. 

    We list each of these necklaces individually (OOAK- One Of A Kind) and try to capture each one's unique character in our photos so you can choose the necklace that you consider to be the perfect one! 

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