I make jewelry for the modern bohemian: artists, yogis, professionals, mothers, teachers, servers, live-music seekers, tea drinkers, deep thinkers & all those who appreciate comfort & style. The best compliment my jewelry gets is hearing how many compliments my customers get when they wear my work.

   I always knew I wanted to work with my hands- to make a living from my hands... I've had a love of and fascination with jewelry for as long as I can remember. My path revealed itself to me during my senior year at the University of Vermont, where I discovered PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and met renowned jewelry artist Celie Fago. For 9 years I was her apprentice and teaching assistant, and I traveled with her around the country and abroad.

   I've been selling my jewelry locally in Vermont for over 20 years now and my work is in 75 shops, galleries, general stores and yoga studios. My pieces have been included in exhibits in the US, UK and Japan. My work has been featured in top jewelry magazines and several books.*The JK symbol that I use is not only my initials, it is also the Chinese symbol for "Forever".

   My designs fuse old and new, industrial and natural, urban and ethnic. I work with high quality and ethically-sourced materials and recycled silver including: PMC (Precious Metal Clay), 24k gold, sterling, copper, brass, stones, found objects, upcycled leather and (ethically sourced) feathers. 

I'm so happy to have 3 part time production assistants to help with all the heating, hammering and assembly as well as my brother, Jason, as my full time studio manager. 
Come visit us at my beautiful studio and showroom in Burlington, Vermont. We're open Tuesday - Saturday 10-5.

Our all-time most popular pair is our Medium Brass Crescents! I've been making these for at least 15 years. If you aren't sure which 1st pair to get for yourself, or as a gift, this is what we recommend! 

-I do my best to leave a tiny footprint, to give back to my community and to make choices in line with my values.
-We work with recycled metals and recycle all our scraps.
-We use local suppliers and US suppliers for materials and manufacturing components.
-I have a strong commitment to giving back to our local community and donate money and jewelry to various charities and organizations each year (see below)
-Our US made boxes and tissue paper and mailers are 100% recycled._
-Made by hand with Love and intention
-We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service both online and in my showroom
-Always happy to to repair 永 jewelry and make matches to lost earrings.

Thank you for helping me do this. ❤️
I've donated $3100 to Onetreeplanted.org!
Over $15,000 to Vermont Flooding
$10,446 to the ACLU
$3,000 to Planned Parenthood
$4,705 to UNICEF
$10,446 to the ACLU
$3,145 to local and national BLM organizations

★★★★★ "Jen is an amazing jewelry artist and designer. I absolutely love her entire collection. Such great quality and style. I don't wear much other than earrings, but my husband knows if he's at a loss for what to gift me, a pair will always make me smile." - Jess 

★★★★★ "I have many pieces from Jen. I’ve always been afraid to wear larger jewelry, however when I wear something from Jen, I feel like a warrior. It helps me with my anxiety and confidence." - Tania
★★★★★ "I basically ONLY wear Jen Kahn jewelry now. Her pieces are gorgeous and powerful and make me feel the same. I love supporting a local Vermont artist. Do yourself a favor and buy some earrings or a necklace for yourself and/or loved ones. You won't regret it!" - Keeley
★★★★★ "I first noticed Jen Kahn’s jewelry on a waitress while visiting Burlington Vermont. She had on earrings which were sassy and fun and bold. Since then I have purchased several pieces of her jewelry, which are unique and beautifully crafted. There is an earthiness and a connection to Jen’s jewelry. As an artist, she continually supports other local artisans and small businesses in the Burlington area. Through her jewelry sales she also donates to other noteworthy causes. Simply put, you will feel empowered when wearing her artwork!" - Heidi
★★★★★ "I found Jennifer on Instagram and was instantly captivated by her earthy, unique, beautiful jewelry creations. If you're looking for meaningful, expertly-made, one-of-a kind pieces to add to your jewelry wardrobe, you can't go wrong with any of Jennifer's pieces." - Jennifer D