Gemini Season!

Welcome Gemini Season! I'm a Gemini Rising so this month also feels really lovely and exciting! It was great to get out this past weekend with my fam to witness the vibrance of Vermont. Here's the stunning view from Mt. Philo...
From Chani Nicholas - 

"From May 20th to June 20th, attention spans shorten and fascinations multiply. This curious air sign prefers to be on the move and to understand life from as many angles as possible." We have Constellation pendants and Zodiac sign pendants and Earrings for your favorite Gemini! I can make any sign's unique constellation for you!

I hammer each Constellation pendant by hand and I love this meditative process! We have them in brass or Sterling Silver. We could always make some into a pair of simple earrings or add them to the center of a small or medium hoop!

We also offer tiny Gemini signs in brassSterling Silver or Gold. We use the silver ones with thicker chain for bracelets and anklets (see above, left). We have a few of each of the signs, but only 1 or 2 in Gold.

We make them into earrings too, in Sterling or Brass...or Gold (not pictured) but available by request. We could always add hoops around these in any size, in brass or silver! Just send us a message!

Stones for Gemini Season include EmeraldTiger's EyeMoonstone and Citrine. Click on each of those to see our current selections!

Last year, on this day, I started writing my book "So Many Moons" on a somewhat spontaneous plane ride to Florida to attend a wellness conference and meet my Moon Mentor, Yasmin Boland. I can't believe it poured out of me over the next nine months and it's been out in the world for the last three. It's both exhilarating and terrifying to know that people are reading it! One of my very dearest friends, Meg, texted me over the weekend... 
"I just finished the book. I’m crying.
I’m so proud of you for doing it. I know how hard it is and I know how hard it is to stick with it to completion. When I met you, you seemed afraid of everything. I used to think you were just kidding half the time but you actually were. And over the years, you have moved so fully into your sense of agency and power - while still maintaining your genuine sense of kindness and wonder and delight. I heard your voice in every sentence. I could hear you laugh sometimes. And it was so wild to have been part of this ride with you and to then read it back, with a more intimate lens. You are a wonder, my friend. 
New moon next weekend and I think I’ll take this opportunity to begin my own lunar cycle, inspired (as I’ve been so frequently since we’ve met) by you. Cheers, Jen. You wrote a mother f*cking BOOK!!!!"
SO MANY TEARS!!! Thank you Meg! I'm so honored that she read it and that she wrote that and that she's inspired to live more by the phases of the moon! This is everything I could hope for and makes my heart so happy.

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From @Spiritdaughter - "Welcome to Gemini Season! This time is all about curiosity. Be curious about who you are, how you view the world, and who you are becoming. Learn to see barriers as opportunities to reroute and transform pressure into a push for growth. Always perceive rejection as a redirection. Gemini Season is an invitation to understand that your perspectives shape your reality. It’s a time to reframe anything that isn’t serving you, your highest self or your ultimate purpose. Gemini encourages you to raise your vibration by choosing to focus on the good in your life. When you operate at a higher frequency, you can welcome changes with confidence and compassion for yourself."

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