Warrior Necklace


The serendipity of two different styles of  earrings (Single-Pendulums, and Hammered Hoops with Heishi Beads) falling a certain way on a tray and inspiring a whole new design by combining the two... 

... Warrior Pendants! (A very appropriate name I think, since wearing these will make you feel even more fierce!) As with many of our "mixed-metals" designs, these are a popular style because they go so well with formal or casual outfits.

This version features our Hammered, Forged Brass Hoop with a Brass Pendulum and Oxidized Sterling Silver chains linking them together, with added Heishi beads for accents.

Hoop size is 1" diameter
This hangs 2" from the necklace to the bottom of the brass pendulum

18-20” oxidized Sterling chain 

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