Small Hammered Silver Crescent Earrings - NO PATINA SHINY SILVER!


One of my JK CLASSICS! If you know, you know!

(And if you don't...) Over the years, my "Hammered Crescent" style earrings have become THE MOST POPULAR AND RECOGNIZABLE JK style! If you are a fan of my work, then you probably bought a pair of these very early on in your collection. These are the #1 go-to "first-pair" of earrings that people gift to one another to start their JK collections! (Our local VT customers are always telling us that when they wear these, other people often approach them to say that they love their JK earrings, and that they own a lot of JK pieces, too!)

I make them in 4 sizes: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, and they are available in four different metals: Brass, Copper, Silver and Gold. (We also offer the Silver versions in 3 sizes without applying our antiquing patina to them, so they are super SHINY versions!)

This listing is for the small, NO PATINA STERLING SILVER Crescents, suspended from Sterling Silver wire and Sterling Silver earwires. Regardless of which size you choose, they are all amazingly lightweight and perfect as your "every day" earrings!

Small Crescents measure 1" wide x 3/4" tall. They hang 1 3/4" from earwire to the bottom of the crescent.

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