PRIVATE LISTING FOR KELLY: Make a match for lost Silver Disc Earring


This is a private listing for Kelly- please do not order this if you are not Kelly as we will not be able to fulfill it for you.
Make a match for lost tiny disc. Also, use latched Sterling earwires!

Charge 1/2 price of full pair ($85) = $42.50

Over the years, my Hammered Disc style earrings have become one of my most popular and recognizable JK styles. They are often the "first-pair" of earrings that people get for themselves or to gift another to start their collections.

Each piece is hammered by hand to create that wonderful texture and then wrapped with sterling silver wire and earwires. Regardless of which size you choose, they are all amazingly lightweight and perfect as your "every day" earrings!

Tiny - 3/4" diameter, these hang 1 1/2" from earwire to bottom of disc

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