PRIVATE LISTING FOR JESSICA- Make a match for SMALL Silver Taper Earrings


Make a match for lost earring, check integrity of existing- NOTE that these are the original silver front/brass backed versions...

Charge 1/2 price of full pair ($78) = $39

Over the years, my Hammered Taper style earrings have become one of my most popular and recognizable JK styles.
They are often the "first-pair" of earrings that people get for themselves or to gift another to start their collections.

Each hand-hammered, Sterling Silver Taper offers a unique and earthy texture that is delicate but noticeable and you can barely feel them in your ears! So versatile, they're great with a dress or jeans- these make great "everyday" earrings! Sterling Silver earwires suspend them.

These are available in 3 sizes:

Small - 2" long including sterling silver earwires

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