Small Dissent Pendant (SMALL Pendant version) in Brass


Last year I started a Dissent Collection of Earrings and Pendants in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Through the sales of these pieces, we've donated $8300 to the ACLU!

In an effort to keep this momentum going and keep donating, we created another option that is smaller and less expensive. If you have the original pendant, then a pair of smaller earrings would compliment it well. Same thing goes if you have the original earrings, a smaller pendant would fill out the set. Also they are great for giving - to someone who doesn't have any yet! And great for those who had inquired about a smaller size. 

Here is the new pendant, in brass suspended from oxidized brass chain. It's just over an inch wide and about half an inch wide - so cute but still so meaningful.

You can view the whole Dissent Collection HERE


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