I took it as a sign that within the same month, two separate and amazing customers of mine each approached me with the same request: they both had their own unique backstory/connection to Red-Tailed Hawks, specifically, and they each were hoping that I would be willing to create a beautiful, meaningful, recognizable Red-Tail Hawk Feather pendant that could be worn as a necklace. So I did!

The sculpt I created features the distinctive banding pattern through the length of the feather as well as the recognizable notched "V" at the feather's tip.

Hawk feathers represent divine communication, intuition aligned with confident action, mental pursuits, internal wisdom, and spiritual passion. They can help guide you when making a big transition in your life or to send your spiritual intentions to the universe when asking for guidance or assistance.

Available in two different sizes in either Oxidized Brass or Sterling Silver 
(Large = 3 1/2" long and Small = 2 1/2" long)
This listing is for the LARGE BRASS version!) 

By default, these are suspended on a 24" chain, but we can make them longer or shorter by request! Just send us a message!

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