NEW! ARE THOSE JUPITERS?!? (Leopardskin) Jaspers in Medium Brass hoops, OOAK #1


Well, big props given to the person that ground and shaped these particular Leopardskin Jasper Circles into rather obvious versions of Jupiter, complete with the swirling storms and the big Red spot! (Granted, Leopardskin Jasper is known for its circles and swirls, but each of us called out Jupiter as soon as we saw these! Things lined up perfectly!)

Leopardskin Jasper
 is a dynamic healing crystal that can help us achieve our most lofty goals. It has a strong and warm grounding energy that helps us to feel safe and competent. It is remarkably versatile, helping us to be comfortable pursuing numerous paths, both spiritual and secular, without feeling out-of-balance or in conflict. Leopardskin Jasper reminds us that we are highly capable and to trust ourselves to make good choices and correct ourselves as needed.  It roars with approval every time we dare to stand up for ourselves and others.  It loudly demands that we work, not just wish, to make the world a kinder and more just place.

These beauties measure:
Leopardskin Jasper stones: 7/8" diameter
Hammered Brass Hoops: 1 3/4" diameter
These hang 2 1/4" from the earwire to the bottom


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