I am ECSTATIC to introduce you to this necklace!

I sourced some really amazing faceted Strawberry Quartz pieces SHAPED like Crescent Moons! Just look at how beautiful this is! 

Strawberry Quartz is a powerful stone for self-love and self-confidence. It's a wonderful gemstone to have when you're going through a period of low self-esteem or feelings of unworthiness. Just holding strawberry quartz in your hands can be a very grounding experience, and over time it can help to heal your spirit. If you've been feeling insecure in any way, you should definitely look into getting yourself some strawberry quartz!

Strawberry quartz is also known for its ability to attract abundance into your life. Whether that's in the form of money or love or happiness, strawberry quartz has the ability to help you transform your life and make it what you want. It might even draw new love into your life.

Strawberry quartz is associated with the root chakra, but it can work in conjunction with all of your other chakras. It helps to open up your energy centers and help you grow spiritually. As you might guess from its name, the root chakra is responsible for helping you feel "rooted" down-this means that strawberry quartz will help you feel secure, content, and happy in your life. Not only that but Strawberry Quartz is also known for promoting healing on the physical level. Because of its association with love, strawberry quartz may be able to release any blockages within your body that are impeding the flow of your chi.

I've already used these to make some sweet earrings in a sterling silver and brass hoops, but here's a single shaped Strawberry Quartz Crescent moon in one of my "Lariat" necklaces. 

This Crescent Moon is 5/8" tall x 7/16" wide and is suspended from an Oxidized Sterling Silver 18" Necklace

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