This design combines the beauty of an ANCIENT ROMAN GLASS bead with a smaller version of my "lariat" necklaces, creating a lovely, adjustable necklace that you may be tempted to play with the whole time you're wearing it!

The production of Roman Glass can be traced back to the beginning of the 1st century AD. The most common glass artifacts that were produced during this period were vases and other vessels used to carry water. These were traded along the Silk Road and eventually made their way to places like Western Asia and the Middle East. Glassblowing techniques were starting to get developed, and since this was such a fast production method, the Roman Glass industry soon blossomed and peaked and an excess of glass tools, pottery, decorations and various other items were made and sold in Roman markets and traded across the world...

Fortunately for us today, the continuous discovery of Roman Glass fragments from items like jars, goblets, windows, bowls, and vases have created a new market, where these tiny shards are repurposed into gorgeous little polished beads that we can incorporate into our jewelry! 

In many new age communities, Roman Glass jewelry is highly sought after due to its many metaphysical healing properties. Surviving for up to and in many cases over 2000 years, many believe that Roman Glass beads hold the knowledge of their ancient artisan creators. It is said that Roman glass carries an energy of transformation, rebirth, and communication. It is also said that wearing Roman Glass jewelry will help protect you from negative energy.

These ANCIENT ROMAN GLASS beads are each approximately 3/8" tall x 3/8" wide. Each bead varies in color, translucence, character and shape of course, so we will list these as One Of A Kind pieces: 

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