NEW! Bookmatched Scolecite Teardrops in Small Brass Teardrop Hoops OOAK #2


I sourced some exquisite new stones and crystals to make more of our bookmatched pairs! Here are some lovely Scolecites: completely smooth, each teardrop-shaped piece has gorgeous, subtle striations and markings running through them...

Scolecite is thought to gently awaken the higher mind, helping us to gain a deeper understanding of our soul’s journey. Also, its serene energy supports meditation, enhances the dream state, assists with dream recall and astral traveling. The peaceful and calming energies of this stone help to soothe the mind and bring about spiritual transformation. Also, it can be used to bring people in groups together by fostering tolerance and understanding.

Scolecite was first recognized as a mineral species in 1813 in Germany, and given the German name "skolezit" ten years later. It can occur in colors of white, colorless, pink, salmon, red and yellow. Usually, it grows in delicate, needle-like sprays or in larger, blade-like crystalline forms. Scolecite, like Clear Quartz and Tourmaline, is pyroelectric and piezoelectric, meaning it gains an electrical charge through heat and pressure. Also, some specimens can appear fluorescent yellowish in ultraviolet light.

Scolecite is found in Teigarhorn, Iceland and Poona in India.

These beauties measure:
Scolecite Stones measure: 5/8" wide x 1 1/8" tall
Small Brass Contoured teardrop hoops: 1" wide x 1 5/8" tall
These hang 2 1/4" from Sterling Silver earwires to the bottom of teardrop hoops 


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