Medium Brass Hoop with Turquoise Dangles


Our December birthstone is TURQUOISE, and once again we have some lovely gemstones to use in our earrings and necklaces! 

While exercising and practicing some "outside the box" thinking, it occurred to me that we should offer more options with gemstones orbiting the outside of our hoops as opposed to typically being suspended within! This iteration is similar in concept to our Orbitals or Tethered Circles, pairing our medium brass hoops with some choice examples of raw Turquoise suspended at the bottoms of each hoop.

1 3/4" in diameter, these are suspended by our sterling silver earwires.

*Due to the unique qualities of every Turquoise, the pair you receive may be slightly different from the ones pictured, but as they come from the same batch of gemstones they are all very consistent in size and coloration!

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