Stamped GOLD Crescent Hoops- Small


These earrings are simple in their profiles, but they sure do contain a lot of character!

Using our 14K Gold Filled sheet, we first hand-cut the crescent shapes and then we hand-stamp/indent each detail that you see in radial increments across the surface, creating this lovely pattern. We then hammer-roll the crescent's points at each end to create the terminations for our Sterling Silver wires: one end stays affixed to the earring while the other side can be popped out, allowing you to thread the earring into your ear and then easily snap it back into its tube-like end, securing it.

We offer size and style variations of these in brass, silver and gold- some are also hammered instead of, or in addition to, the hand-stamping you see here!

This listing is for our SMALL Stamped Gold Crescent hoops which are 1 5/8" wide and these hang 1 3/4" from the wire to the bottom of the curve. Very Lightweight!

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