#2 Bookmatched RHODONITE "Rescue Crystals" in MEDIUM Brass Hoops! OOAK#2


BRAND NEW!!! In my continuing quest to find unique and meaningful and beautiful stones to add to our collections, I have just sourced some lovely RHODONITE crystals that look great in brass hoops! (The name of the Rhodonite crystal is derived from the Greek word “rhodon” which means rose-red. )

The Rhodonite crystal is commonly referred to as the “rescue crystal”. Rhodonite has been praised for its capacity to fill both your heart and soul with feelings of love, affection, and connection. Many people have discovered that the Rhodonite crystal has a profound ability to soothe matters of the heart. This is because, like most pink crystals, Rhodonite is connected to the heart Chakra.

When you heal emotional wounds, you allow yourself to be open to unconditional love while also embodying it. Rhodonite crystals can assist in letting down your emotional guard following a trauma that may have caused you to become unreceptive to love. All of these emotions are closely related to feelings of self-esteem. 

The sharp juxtaposition of the light pink Rhodonite stone and the dark swirls that decorate its surface allows for a powerful invocation of feelings of love. People often describe Rhodonite as a sort of pink marble. This adequately captures its simultaneously ethereal and grounding nature. 

A Rhodonite crystal typically presents as masses of rose, pink or red with dark brown or black vein-like lines dancing across the surface. Rhodonite is one of the reddish or pink gemstones that are known to be highly effective in maintaining balanced energy levels and assisting you in the pursuit of fulfilling your potential. 

These beauties measure:
Rhodonite stones: 1 1/4" tall x 7/16" wide
Hammered Brass Hoops: 1 3/4" tall x  1" wide
These hang 2 1/4" from the earwire to the bottom


We were able to make these in time for Valentine's Day 2024, but of course we cannot guarantee shipping delivery times! However, local pickup is available all the way up to Feb.14th!

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