JK Gift Cards! Multiple $ amounts to choose from!


If you're not sure what to get for a gift, then our GIFT CARDS are perfect for you/them!

We often hear that the biggest challenge our customers are faced with is knowing which JK pieces they should purchase for their loved ones because they're not sure if they own them already. While we do have an awesome WISHLIST feature here that enables our customers to easily share their wants with others, sometimes it's simply a guessing game... 

For our VT locals, receiving a JK gift card is a very special treat because, we are told, their favorite part of the gift is just the experience of coming into our studio showroom to browse all of our options! It's more than a simple gift card- it's an exciting trip that they look soooo forward to making!

And because our gift cards are so easy to use for online purchases, regardless of where you live, and the fact that they never expire AND can be emailed to the recipient right away, they are always happily received!

You can choose from any of the preset amounts and you can also combine them for unique total denominations!

You will have the option of emailing the gift card directly to the recipient after checkout, or you can email it to yourself so you can print it out if you would prefer to give it to them in person. (These gift cards are formatted to make a lovely print-out, nice enough on their own, but some people cut the gift cards out and add them to their own greeting cards to make them even more special...)

Each eGift Card contains a unique 16 character code that can be used online or in person. As with most gift cards, unused balances will remain active for future purchases, and if the recipients choose items that cost more than the card's available amount, they would just be prompted to pay the difference with another method. 

(We are often asked what we recommend is the "right" amount to purchase for someone. Of course that's hard to say, but since most of our items fall somewhere in between $75~$150, we feel that purchasing one for $100 should enable most recipients to have the majority of individual items covered, and sometimes multiples!)

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