Gift Box Set: Relics


This beautiful set is all ready to give! 

Relic Earrings 
I've always wanted a long, thin version of my relic necklace as an earring and finally got around to making these this year. They're so dramatic and earthy, such statement earrings! Oxidized Brass Textured Relic Earrings are 3" tall x 1/2" wide and are suspended by Sterling Silver earwires. Both sides are textured of course, and the front displays my three-dot rivet pattern at their bottoms, another of my signature features. These hang 3 1/4" from the earwires to bottoms of the medallions.

Athena Owl Coin Pendant
Athena is the Greek Goddess of war, wisdom, courage, justice, strength, strategy, and the arts. She is often symbolized by the owl. While one side of these ancient coins showed Athena, I wanted to replicate the Owl side. Oxidized Brass Pendant is 7/8" wide x 3/4" tall and is suspended on a 16"/18" adjustable Oxidized brass chain.

All in a new custom moon box (with 永 logo on the bottom!) Our dear friends at Tacoma Design Company created a series of graphics just for 永, inspired by the themes you'll find in my Bohemian aesthetic, and they produced a series of beautiful, hand-stained/painted/engraved boxes just for us! These hinged, wooden boxes are 6" long x 4" wide x 2" deep with brass hinges and closures.

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