Chakra Wrap Bracelet/Anklet - Sterling Silver "Solar"


"Chakra Kahn" - my complete line of carved Chakra medallions worn as healing bracelets/anklets on silk wraps (as well as a variety of necklace options also available here!)

While this listing is for an individual silk wrap, you can check our other listings to save money by buying your choice of 3 wraps, or even more money with a full set of 7!

Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”. There are 7 major chakras-centers of spiritual energy within the body. Each one has specific associations with certain elements, glands, colors, gemstones and physical and emotional disorders. Each one is also related to a personality trait, which can manifest in positive or negative ways depending if it’s energy is balanced or imbalanced. These bracelets act as a visual reminders to help you focus on whichever chakra you’re working to balance. I love wearing mine!

3rd Chakra: Solar plexus (color: yellow) - located an inch or two above the navel. This Chakra is the focus point for our power and will. Our sense of power, ego and authority, as well as self-control and discipline are centered here. Also: sensitivity, clearing of anger, increased joy. Associated body parts: liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine.

Made of sterling silver, it has a lovely natural edge. It comes on a long silk strand wrap (the color depends on the chakra you choose) which can be worn as an anklet or bracelet, just tie it! Very soft, great yoga jewelry.

Silver has beneficial properties as well and is believed to remove negative energy from the body and channel the positive energy of other minerals. My logo (which is my initials and the Chinese symbol for forever) is on the back.

Makes a great gift!

9/16" diameter. 40" silk strand.

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