STERLING SILVER Rainbow Medallion on BEAUTIFUL Micro-Faceted MULTICOLOR AGATE Necklace


Here we're introducing a new type of crystal necklace strand! If you like this one, we'll be happy to offer some more and of course we can use any of our medallions!

This mixture of micro-faceted gemstones features multiple examples of Rose Quartz, Yellow Opals, Rainbow Agates and varying shades of Red, Blue, Grey and Cream Agates!

Similar to our Aurelite-23 strands (which tend to have more of a purplish/pinkish overall hue to the faceted stones) this mix contains a more earthy color-palette, sort of a mix of primary, desert-y colors in varying shades!

These beads are also slightly chunkier than the other Turquoise, Amazonite and Aurelite-23 strands we offer here, creating a slightly heavier necklace. Our source for these beads uses some pretty wild laser technology to add the facets which then creates a dazzling diamond-like look! 
This will be a great everyday necklace!

Sterling Silver Rainbow medallion is 7/8" wide by 1/2" tall, suspended on a 16" long strand. Please message us if you'd like to see this same necklace with a different medallion we offer! And be sure to see our other listings of similar strand necklaces!

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