Bookmatched Faceted Labradorite Teardrops within Medium Brass Hoops!


I am so happy to have found more of these amazing Faceted Labradorites! Sometimes we like to shape the contours of the hoops to match the shape of the crystals or stones, but we decided to keep these in our standard, hammered Brass round hoops- and just look at how gorgeous these are!

The colors in these are breathtaking, shifting from iridescent blues and greens to yellows and teals, always shifting, always entrancing! Like miniature galaxies floating in space!

These beauties measure:
Labradorite Stones: 1 1/4" tall, 9/16" wide at their widest
Hammered Medium Brass Hoops: 1 3/4" diameter
These hang 2 1/4" from the earwire to the bottom

Labradorite is a stone of transformation, a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. It treats disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulates mental acuity, and relieves anxiety and stress.


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