I created and cast only 3 versions of my Eclipse Pendant in SOLID 14K gold (Halo) paired with my Sterling Silver moon on Sterling Silver chain- one at the request of a customer, one for me, and now here is the last one!

We were in the path of totality here in Vermont on April 8th! While I make many Celestial pieces, I've felt so inspired to make a super special new pendant to commemorate the momentous occasion. We haven’t had a total eclipse in VT since 1932 and won’t again until 2106! 

This 2 part pendant features a Sterling Silver Moon in front of the solid 14K GOLD Eclipse Sun Rays. I love the way they look and feel together! The back of the moon has the date of the Solar Eclipse 4•8•2024 stamped in place.

Eclipses can be unpredictable and wild. Often, they bring changes. This eclipse could mark a significant turning point. Since it’s a New Moon in Aries, it could mean a fresh start or a new opportunity... a brand new beginning. 

A little under 1" diameter pendant
Handmade in Vermont

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