Already have some JK jewelry? Want more? Become an Ambassador! We're trying out a new referral system.

-Message me first and we'll create a coupon code for you to share. (Code will be your first name and first two letters of your last name plus 20, so mine would be JENKA20.)

-Post photos or videos of yourself wearing my jewelry or just a photo you took of my jewelry and tag @jenkahnjewelry. You can make posts or a stories or both. **See tips on taking a great photo below.

-Encourage others to follow me and let them know if they use your unique coupon code they'll get 20% off their order if they use it within 1 week. 

A great sample post would be: "Love my @jenkahnjewelry, makes me feel like a warrior. If you use code JENKA20 you can get 20% off your first order but you must use the code within 1 week." 

What your friends/followers get: Anyone who uses your code within 3 days will get 20% off their first order.

What you get (within 1 week of making your post):

If 1-2 people use your code you’ll get 20% off you order too!

If 3-4 use it you’ll get 30% off your order!

If 4-10 use it you'll get 40% off your order!

We'll tally up who used your code for those the week and let you know your reward!

Photo tips: Feel free to use a photo you already have. If you're taking a new one, it's always better to use natural light so standing by a window is key! Make sure you can see the jewelry! It's good to have the photo close enough to see the jewelry but not too close so from the waist or chest up is a good distance. If you're taking a photo of the jewelry on it's own, style a little layout shoot with some crystals or feathers or treasures of your own. A great photo will get more attention and inspire more friends to use your code!

I'm excited to try this out, a great distraction for us all... xoxo

Model photo of Tess Aspen by Danielle Allendorf